Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Feature | Upload Video using FlyerMaker Pro

FlyerMaker Pro Video Upload Administration Capability

Everybody's heard about YouTube.There are a few pluses and minuses.
  • Getting an account with them is free
  • Search engines can index the videos which generate traffic
  • Unlimited amount of videos can be uploaded but can only be 10 minutes in length
  • It can be a bit confusing at first ( which really is normal for any new person )
  • Very difficult to get the right thumbnail image to show to your users to click on
FlyerMaker Pro now uses a service that allows you to upload any kind of video of any length to our server.
We do limit the amount of active videos to 10 at a time though.
We also allow you to upload any image as a thumbnail to present your video link. We also have a very nice zoomming window (not a popup) that overlays in the browser window to present your video directly on your web site.

Here is a sample page with a few video links in place.

Our service allows you to add unlimited amounts of saved YouTube videos to your account which can then be copy and pasted into your web pages. (also unlimited)

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